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Homeless Youth

Homeless Youth

Did you know you can enroll in school as a homeless youth even if:
Your housing is uncertain
You are temporarily living with someone else
You do not have a permanent physical address
You are living with friends or family because you are a runaway
You are living in a shelter
You are living in a hotel or a motel
You are living in a car, on the streets or in an abandoned building
You don't have the required documents normally required to enroll in school such as proof of residency, immunization records or school records
foster youth

foster youth

Foster Youth Rights:
You have the right to stay in the same school after you move to a new foster care placement. Your school district must work with you, your education rights holder, your caregiver, and your social worker/probation officer to develop a pland to transport you to your school of origin.
You have a right to immediately enroll in school and begin attending classes, even if you do not have the paperwork you would normally need for enrollment such as a birth certificate, transcripts or immunizations. 
Your previous school must send your education records to your new school after you enroll.
You cannot be forced to attend a continuaion school or other alternative education program, such as independent study, even if you are behind in credits or have discipline problems at school.
For more information on Foster Youth Rights, click on any of the following links:
Liason listings

Liason listings

For questions about enrolling in school or assistance with enrolling in school please contact the following:
Happy Valley School District Homeless & Foster Youth Liason:
Sandi Garcia
(530) 357-2131
Llana Casady-Seay
(530) 357-2134
Shasta County Homeless & Foster Youth Liason
Austin Preller
Director of Youth Support Services
(530) 225-0241
State of California Homeless & Foster Youth Coordinator
Leann Wheeler
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 6408
Sacramento, CA 95814