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meet the superintendent

meet the superintendent

As a teacher and coach, Mrs. Craig taught language arts and history-social science in grades 4-12.  She was a coach for multiple sports and activities director for 20 years. Throughout her teaching career, she has been dedicated to the profession and to her students.  She had a refined focus on literacy, history-social science, and the improvement of science in education.
Following Mrs. Craig’s teaching career, she served as a CISC Region 2 History/Social Science Committee member and provided guidance in using the History-Social Science Framework in the state of California. She is a Google Certified Educator who provided technology training to students and adults alike.  She trained with the Carnegie Foundation for Improvement Science which provided additional foundational principles to guide her as an instructional coach and collaboration coordinator for high-quality instructional materials. As the author of Continuous Improvement in the History-Social Science Classroom and a presenter of the principles of improvement science, she presented instruction and curriculum to educators from all regions of the United States. She was a part of the team that led the California English Language Arts textbook adoption.  She was also a Reach Higher Shasta-Gates Planning Grant Team Leader at the Shasta County Office of Education where she worked with a team of teachers to investigate and develop the foundational principles of what would become a three-year literacy-focused grant in our county.
Mrs. Craig had been the principal at Happy Valley Primary School for three years and is now the Superintendent/Principal at Happy Valley.  Mrs. Craig and the Happy Valley Staff are focused on providing a successful learning environment for all our district's students. She has also worked to align the needs of students and families with the resources in our community. Happy Valley School Staff has a unified approach to guide our students to become responsible citizens and successful students.
Mrs. Craig has worked with staff, families, and students to create a positive learning environment focusing on increased learning, social and emotional learning, and strengthening the school community and sense of belonging for all students at Happy Valley Schools.